A New Chapter

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Its time to start a new chapter.  You know when you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach. When you know something big in your life is going to change. When you keep putting it off in the back of your mind until your husband says the exact thing you have been dreading and then you HAVE to talk about it.

 For the last 4 years I have served on staff at our church as the Children’s Director.  I LOVE my job.  Sure there are frustrating parts, like finding enough volunteers without begging or capitalizing on friendships, or taking 12 kids to the bathroom (not all at once of course, but painfully one at a time). But in my personal opinion there is no better moment than sharing Jesus with a child.  They understand it as FACT that God loves them. That they are supposed to obey.

 But since I have started the job I have had 3 kids. 3 kids in 3 1/2  years. 3 wonderfully stinky, time consuming, fantastic kids AND we are 100% sure we are going to homeschool, its time to focus on the homefront.


I am excited for:

  – Family Time

 – non stressful Saturday nights

 – brunch

 – football

 – serving in the classroom

 – women s ministry

 – mental space

  BUT I am nervous about the next step. Homeschooling scares the socks off of me, if the kids are dumb that’s on me. Im nervous about being a full time stay at home mom. Will I ever get fully dressed (i.e. yoga pants) again?

The only thing of which I am sure is this is the right step.

Hope I don’t totally screw it up.


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