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I love me some Instagram.

It makes those mundane moments so much more bearable.

A week in photos.


Stuff. Its everywhere. At one point this past weekend the kids room (they ALL share) was spilling out into the hallway and I decided it was enough! I want to live minimally, totally inspired by THIS BLOG. So I brought out EVERY SINGLE TOY and went through it.  Dumped 1/4, Donated 1/4, and Organized 1/2.  I feel like we can breathe again.. until Christmas.


This boy and his cheeks.  He only wants his momma. Fine by me.


My Pennie girl. This was one of those moments where I saw her on her special day. Minus the footie Angel jammies of course. Stay little.


This boy. Everything they (whoever they are) say about boys is true with this one. He is going to give me gray hair. He is barely 7 months and fully crawling, pulling up, & cruising furniture. I keep telling him to stop. Ronnie finally got me to stop (gently) pushing him down when he stood up (NOT READY. he was born a HOT minute ago).


Oh Pennie.  Came home early in the morning (i.e. 6am) to find her stuffing her face with chocolate chip cookies that I left out the night before. (my bad!) So she sat with me for awhile and played with the tablet so I could get some morning reading in. silly goose.



Children in other parts of the world are starving. My kids whine, complain, and make themselves because I MADE them take a BITE of white chicken chili. GROSS.  I once heard of a family doing beans and rice night semi regularly.  They used it as an opportunity to teach their kids that other children ONLY get to eat this, and probably ONLY once a day. We also used the time to pray for the kids in other countries.  We did it with our home group and their kids. I actually LOVED it. Fun to pray together and it was delicious. Going to make it a regular thing.

Linked with Jeanette today. She is my favorite.


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