Insta Friday No. 2

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Another week in photos.  🙂


Morning sink baths. You other mommas know EXACTLY what happened here. If you arent a momma yet, just wait.

That smile slays me.


It was raining last week and I couldn’t find my rain jacket ANYWHERE. So I grabbed the warmest jacket I have, my letterman, and cozied up with some memories. 

I lettered in Cheer. So what?

P.s. found the jacket. In Ronnie’s trunk, cant imagine why I didnt look there first. 



These 2 pics go together. After 4 wonderful years of working as the Children’s Director at my church I stepped down.

I may or may not have cried a little.


So I used Daisy Duck to prop up Freddie’s bottle so I could craft. Some mommas said it was genius, I still feel a little guilty.  I LOVE snuggling my littles every chance I get.

P.s. that is NOT a bow on my sons head, its his sisters skirt on the floor behind him.


We took the girls to their first ever movie. They were ELATED! it was adorable to see how captivated they were. Zoie only asked to go home twice during the scary parts. Totally worth the $28 (ahem!)


My heart is full. Couldn’t be more thankful for my three hooligans if I tried. Hope yall had a Happy Thanksgiving. 


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