Insta Friday No. 4

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This boy. We had a week of teething and he only wanted to be held. Thank goodness for the ergo.


I love pinterest. It makes me a better homeschooling mom.


We have a neighborhood in San Diego called Candy Cane Lane. Its magical. Especially when you have GREAT friends to walk around with. Great friends who just scoop up your babies and make it magical for them too.


It was time. The girl kept asking to be potty trained. So we did it. I pumped her full of salty snacks and as much juice and water she could take. She really got the hang of it!!


I whipped out my crochet needles again. Every once in awhile I get the urge. Made this turban for Zoie. She took it off promptly 10 min later, but at least I got the picture. 🙂


I got a new app. So of course I had to mess with pictures right?

Hope you have a blessed week!!


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