The Plan Stan

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I like lists.

The ones with little boxes that I can neatly check off.

Or maybe scribble a line right through it.  Whatever, its a rush.

For the past two years Ronnie and I have attended MasterMind Summit.  Its a personal growth seminar here in San Diego specifically for those in Real Estate (hubs is a lender).  Brian Buffini is ALL about goals.  He believes that if you aren’t setting goals, how are  you ever going to achieve success?

The man has a point.

So I sat myself down and made some goals for this year.  Here they are. To be accomplished by Aug 2014 so I still have some time.



  •  10 minute mile
  • CLEAN eating
  • consistent juicing
  • Workout 4x a week


  • Invest in Savings & Investments equally
  • Minimize WANTS


  • Have 5 good juicing recipes
  • Research and Plan Homeschool Curriculum for Kindergarten
  • Read & Apply 3 Christian Concepts
  • Time Block to be more productive
  • Maintain a clean home
  • Implement a deep cleaning schedule


  • Develop 4 happiness habits
  • Intentionally mentor 1 person
  • 20 min uninterrupted play time EVERY DAY
  • 6 “dates” with each member of my immediate family

I better get crackin.

Im excited to conquer these goals buy I gotta break them down so I can attempt to be successful.

My goals for JUST December are:

– actually run my mile. (Hard to improve the time with no starting point)
– stay UNDER budget
– organize laundry area
– 1 garage day
– 4 chores EVERY DAY
– write blessings every day
– 20 min of uninterrupted play time EVERY DAY

Any goals you care to share?

Merry Christmas!


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