Without it Im lost.

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Quiet time, Bible study, God time… everyone has a different name for it.


First thing. Early mornings. Top of the list. Think dark mornings and quiet homes.

All I know is it’s
** necessary
** impertinent


Get the point?

I give myself excuses all the time.
— the baby was up 3x last night
— it’s the holidays
— I’ll do it this afternoon when the kids are napping.
— I think I’m getting a cold.

Isn’t that when I need time with my Savior the most? When I am weak and tired?


How are we supposed to know what God’s will is if we aren’t in His Word?

I love the “Christianese” sayings of
– “in the Lord’s timing”
– “if it’s in His will”
– ” God’s will be done”

How the heck are we gonna know if we don’t know our Bibles?


Don’t think I am above all this. Not even a little bit. This post is a personal pep talk to kick those excuses in the rear.

I have been a Christian for 23rd and only in the last 2 years has this become a life changing habit.


Every morning @ 5:15. (With exceptions of my failures)

It’s the most important thing I can accomplish each day. Even above feeding my kids (gasp!!)

[*disclaimer. .. my kids are well fed. Except when I serve broccoli and/or chilli (weirdos)]

GOD first. Plain as that. So plan it. Without a plan, we WILL fail.

Praying for success today my friends.


P.s. If you are looking for a place to start.. because just opening the Bible and reading can be dauting… i would love to pray and help. Send me a message.


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