40 what?!?

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Hangers.  40 hangers. 

Allow me to backtrack. I have been reading this blog that has been BLOWING MY MIND. Seriously. ..

I want to be like Ruth when I grow up.

She wrote this post and it was like a dagger to the gut.

Remember our resolutions this year? BE SIMPLE was practically screaming at me.

Laundry is my nemisis. I would rather clean 10 bathrooms then put away laundry. And part of the problem was the excess. I was at the point where I had to do the delicate dance of pull the hangers apart and stuff the next one in as fast as possible before I got sucked into the vortex.

So last Thursday, I did it.

I purged.


I wish I had the before picture but then again maybe not. It was shameful.


Put it like this. These are all the hangers I am getting rid of. Actually these are all the NICE hangers I am getting rid of… i threw the other horrible ones away but they could have filled another bag by themselves.





You guys. The hangers don’t have to touch! There is calm, order & peace in my closet. I actually slept with the door open that night so I could admire it.


Closet floor? Needs to be vacuumed. Mercy.

Ok. So I didn’t end up with exactly 40. Technically I have 66 (why?!?) hangers in my closet but it’s still a whole BOAT load less than I started with.

I also went through all of my drawers. Emptied 3 & gave them to hubs.

And it feels good. Like really really good.

I think I have 1/3 of my original wardrobe left.

I listed a bunch of stuff to sell on Vinted (username yellowmedaisy if you are interested). I’m giving myself 2 weeks to sell it then I’m donating whatever is left.

I also put 2 (ok 3) bags of clothes to store in the garage. I have a date set on my calendar in 6 months to go through it. Whatever I am not willing to swap or wear gets sold/donated.

I have a new rule. Anything bought has to replace something in the closet. I even put washi tape on each hanger so I can’t sneak new ones in.

Now I need to come up with new outfit combos. Good thing I have a fashion blogger bestie to call on.

I feel clean. Simple. It was the goal.

Anybody need some hangers?


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