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Homeschool. Awesome for Zoie, boring for Pennie.

I was looking at Pinterest. Cause what’s a girl to do while the hubs is watching hockey.

And I came across this pin.

But I tweeked it a bit. Cause we don’t have that much room. And I’m not THAT creative.


This is what we had week one. I do one box for the whole week. Granted we only do school 3 days a week for 2 hrs a day. So maybe if we did more, I would have to change it up a bit.

In the box:
– cotton balls
– cup, bowl, measuring cup & spoon, mini silicone cupcake molds
– linking rings
– dr. Seuss color & shape flash cards
– feed the monkey fine motor game
– ribbon weaving (not pictured is cooling rack)
– 3 or 4 board books.


To say she loved it is an understatement. Pennie asked for it EVERY DAY. and Zoie gets 20 minutes of free choice at the end of school to read, repeat an activity, or every once in awhile tablet time. She asked for it EVERY DAY too!


She even asked for it at 5:30am. Whatevs.


Week #2.
– board books & same sensory tools
– fish rocks
– paper plate counting w/ clothespins
– lacing cards
– where do they live memory game
– matching cards

The rule is Pennie gets her homeschool box on the carpet. She is allowed to do anything in the box or play with some of brother’s baby toys, but she must stay on the rug for her 30 minutes.

I’m grateful for the homeschool box.

She is happy and learning. Therefore we are all happy. šŸ™‚

Blessings from our family to yours.


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