Insta Friday No. 8

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Another week in photos.

My name is Mollierobison on Instagram if you want to follow along.


My heart swells when my girls play pretend. They often pull all their dolls out and play sleepover. Love it. A

nd we love Disney.  Obviously. 


I wandered into Ace Hardware to grab a bubble mailer and of course perused the home decor section. Cause what is the point of going to a fancy hardware store if you aren’t going to appreciate it. . Right?!? I was looking at the jewelry and this perfect Lisa Leonard necklace JUMPED out at me. Imagine my surprise!? It HAD to come home with me right? Right.


Every Friday night is family night for our unit of 5. The rule is anyone is welcome to join, but it is our family night. šŸ™‚ this week we splurged (via gift cards) & went to Wings & Things where I had the most delicious bite of cheese (it’s been a year folks), shared some coldstone & went to a high school basketball game. Super fun!

You friend & I showed up wearing the exact same outfit to church on Sunday. And our pastor preached on unity in the body. It was irony. Turns out several other ladies wore the same outfit. It was our “tip of the hat” to the Chargers without having to wear a jersey. šŸ™‚


“the days are long but the years are short” I had a long day. At this point I was laying in the couch watching Freddie boy dump all of the shoes out of our basket. I also was willing the laundry that he already dumped to fold itself and put itself away. Spoiler: it didn’t work.


Got to steal my girl Pennie away for a date. I love my kids all together, but it is so special to get them one on one. My girls get so chatty! I snuggled my girl in the movie & we quietly sang along ( we are THOSE people).


One of the privileges of living in San Diego is getting to work out at Sea World. Once a month Stroller Strides offers a free class at the park. This station was in front of the Shamu tank. The whales stayed in front of the kids the entire time. It was awesome.


Sandy baby toes. It’s a sure sign of a fun morning. I ventured out with the 3 kiddos to the beach with some mommy friends. It was great & everyone took great naps. Win win.


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