The one I love.

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Warning** This is about to get a little sappy. 

Today is my man’s birthday. 


We met when we were 18. The first birthday we ever celebrated together was 19 (duh). Today marks 10 years of celebrating together.  I wouldn’t trade a minute. 


It hasn’t always been perfect.  Trust me we have had some hard times. But God gave me the perfect husband for those hard times.


Some of the things I love about Ronnie:
– his strength.  Not only can he carry two sleeping girls from the car to the house at the same time (hubba hubba) he is the rock of our family. 


– his sense of humor.  He can always make me laugh.  Like tears rolling down, sides ache, belly laugh.  He’s super silly with the kids and it’s the best.


– His love for Jesus. He loves Jesus more than anything.  He weighs every decision against the Bible and honoring the Lord. He holds me to a higher standard,  yet gives me grace.



– his love for our family.  He has such a sweetness with the girls and a comrade with our boy.  He instills the importance of being intentional with our kids.


He is the best person I know and I’m so grateful he is mine.

Happy Birthday Ronnie.  Can’t wait to celebrate another 29 more. Xoxo. 


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