Insta Friday No. 12

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I’m Mollierobison if you want to follow along. 


I get the chance to take my kids on dates. This week I got to take my Zoie. She loves collecting shells so we wandered down to the beach to explore.  She has been needing some extra love & attention lately. Having an emotional season in her little 4 year old life.


We love treats. Who doesn’t right? Well I only make these once a year for Valentine’s Day and they are gosh darn delicious. Plus Zoie is really good at unwrapping all those Hershey Hugs. We couldn’t wait to dig in!!


Had a peaceful moment on Thursday. I meet with my bestie at 5am to pray so my quiet time is normally very short but I got a minute to journal. I just got introduced to Face to Face by my wonderful mother in law and it is amazing. The author selects and personalizes Scripture to make it easy to pray. God’s Word is so powerful! !


This girl LOVES to run. She is the reason i am learning how to love running. She just finished a soccer season & I’m so proud of her for doing her best. Way to go Zoie!!


My beast of a triple. It’s SO heavy but if keeps me active so I guess I’ll be grateful. I also just figured out my little “refresh” station in the car so I don’t smell like a sweaty boy the rest of the day since I don’t get to shower till 3pm (stay at home mommas am I right?)

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s weekend. I get to go away for the night with my man! Looking forward to sleeping in. 🙂

Blessings from our family to yours!


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