Insta Friday No. 13

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So apparently I took a little blogging break.  Whoops.  Life. It’s constantly getting in the way of things I want to accomplish. 

Have I mentioned I love instagram?!? I’m Mollierobison if you want to follow along. 

Get ready for serious photo dump. It’s been a couple weeks. 


So Ronnie & I got to sneak away overnight on Valentine’s Day.  That almost NEVER happens so we jumped at the chance! ! We got to stay at the Hilton in Mission Bay. I love vacationing in our own city. Riding bikes and eating Chipotle was our idea of a perfectly romantic vday.


My parents stated at our house with the kiddos.  (Lucky right?!?) My momma sent me this pic of my Littles making corn pancakes with my dad (Papa) something I remember doing when I was little. If you haven’t had corn pancakes,  get on that ASAP. amazing. 


Day after we wandered over to the Wave House for lunch. We sat at the bar and watched the surfers practice their tricks. There were some really good guys and then others that ate it hard man. But I’m pretty sure I don’t even have the guts to try so who am I to judge. 🙂 I’ll enjoy my fish & chips from over here thanks.


Quotes from Pennie. “Jesus lives in my unicorn heart momma” you betcha kiddo.


I’m pretty sure that isn’t how you are supposed to sit in the seat. It was supposed to be an easier trip because I only had Freddie. . Wrong. Turns out it’s easier with thr sisters because they keep him occupied.  Maybe next time I’ll try just one sister. Ha.


I took away ALL of my kids toys. It was ugly. There was screaming, yelling, & tears. From everyone (mostly me). Then there was peace. Look for a post next week about it.


My pastor spoke on Sunday about gratitude so I busted out my journal. Feels good to be grateful for the little things.  They add up to a lot.


Our first time building a fort together as a family. Don’t ask me why we haven’t done it before,  but now it’s a thing.  Every morning they ask kinda thing. Maybe that’s why we hadn’t done it yet. 


Cheeks, scrunchy nose, messy hair. Sweet boy.


We get the chance to date our kids. It’s awesome.  I got to take Pennie to a trampoline park. We bounced our hearts out man. I even relived some of my high school cheerleader days and then payed for it the next day (I am NOT that flexible anymore! !) We had a blast.


Zoie wanted to draw but didn’t know what to make. I told her to draw what she was thinking about. She drew this. Jesus on the cross and all his friends are sad. She made sure to tell me she wasn’t sad because Jesus rose from the dead and now lives in her heart.  Cue the proud momma moment and weepy tears.


A lot of my afternoons look like this. It’s awesome. 


Rainy day play. We have a mini trampoline that we pull inside for rainy days. Today was a fort day (obviously).

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Blessings from our family to yours.


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