Insta Friday No. 15

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I love Friday.  Now that it’s daylight savings time again… it’s beach Friday’s! !


People that make toys with batteries either don’t have children or have bad hearing.  This guitar is horrid, but my kids LOVE it. Like rock concerts ALL THE TIME. and my boy who NEVER  sits still plays with it for like 20 minutes. So it can stay. For now.


On Saturday, Ronnie gave me some free time. I went to the gym & had coffee by myself. It was glorious.  Simply glorious. 


This boy. One of my friends told me after I had him that having a little boy is like having a 6th grade crush. It’s totally true, he makes my heart swoon. He has also figured out how to climb on the couch so my days of relaxing are over.


These two are a hoot. They are both obsessed with the color orange. Hence the crazy glasses. The love eachother and its good. I know the days will come when they fight but right now they are besties. 

Sometimes comfort food is what you need. Roasted brussel sprouts, french bread pizza, & mandarin oranges. Yumo.

Her personality is a kick. She is funny, like seriously funny. But because of her personality she gets away with everything.

He climbed the playground himself (with dad behind of course). He’s 11 months. This boy thing is new territory for me. Yikes.


We are having our bathroom redone. It’s a huge pain. Including tracking down the tile at 4 different home depots.


Then I had to go back the 5th time with the kids. At one point they were singing Jake and the Neverland Pirates thru the pipes at the top of their lungs. I’m pretty sure we were the perfect description of people they DONT want there.


The beach in March. I mean come on. The thing is we pay for this. Like thru the nose, so I will take advantage of it every chance I get. I LOVE the beach, I get to be a “yes” mom, except when your toddler disappears for a whole minute and you instantly age 10 years and feel like you are going to throw up the rest of the day… but that’s another story for later.


Little girls and large turtle tanks. My caption for this photo was ” childhood is magical.” I so want theirs to be magical, the time is so short. .. just stay little.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Blessings from our family to yours!!


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