InstaFriday No. 18

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I love life through the blurry pictures in Social Media.  Its my very own personal journal and I love it.


This kid. I love her cheery personality. Its good for me. She is naturally friendly where I feel like I have to work really hard to open up to someone, it just happens for her, I hope one day she can teach me.


The NEVER happens. seriously NEVER.  If he falls asleep in the car and I need to feed him lunch before nap I can normally put him on the couch and he wakes up in 10 minutes or so.  He slept there for almost 2 hours!! I kept checking to see if he was breathing!


We eat at home ALOT.  If we do eat out its normally a picnic that I have packed.  I have a feeling I should train my children to behave better in restaurant, but we don’t go that often and there are so many of them! We were waiting at Carl’s Jr (classy) for Ronnie to come eat with us in between games.  I was counting the SECONDS till Ronnie arrived, and let me clue you… its wasn’t fast enough!


I love watching their realtionship grow.  Sometimes he is pulling her hair, sometimes she is dragging him around making him her “baby.” Other times they are sitting together… I prefer the sitting together personally.


We went on a little family hike after dinner on Saturday.  I’m always surprised by both the outfits my kids pick out when I give them free reign and their stamina.  These little girls RAN up the hill leaving mom huffing and puffing pushing the stroller.


A rare before church photo where EVERYONE IS LOOKING. I mean come on! I would like to say I will try to attempt these photos more often but I’m being honest, I’m lucky to get them all dressed. Which p.s. can you get enough of the Matilda Jane ruffles?!? They are SOOO cute!!


Every year Ronnie and I go to the Buffini & Company Mastermind Summit.  Its a life changing personal growth conference that does wonders for our business, personal life, and personal growth.  We look forward to it every year.  I was representing the hubs business with my NECESSARY coffee fix.





The conference is held downtown and during breaks we would go walk the coast #roughlife   I love spending time with this guy getting organized and ready for the rest of the year.  We had some incredible speakers this year, I’ll post more next week.


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