Skyridge House: Half Bathroom

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This house… It is the greatest blessing, but MAN its going to be a lot of work.


We have already:

– Replaced ALL flooring

– Scraped ALL ceilings

– Painted ALL walls

– New baseboards

–  New Garage Door

– New Windows

– Installed Air Conditioning

I swear before and after pictures are coming, but trying to get a good photo in the right light without a 3 yr old blur or 1 yr old streaker photo bombing my pictures is HARD!! I don’t know how you pros get it done.


In the meantime, I actually finished the downstairs half bathroom.

Here is the glorious before:


I wish we had more angles for this photo but it was BAD. The wallpaper was 3 layers thick. That lantern had about 16 inches of dust CLINGING to it… it was BAD.

Here is the after:

IMG_9043 edit

to make this progress we:

  • Stripped wallpaper
  • Removed builders grade mirror
  • Replaced lighting
  • Added new bead-board wallpaper
  • Added chair rail
  • Painted walls
  • Painted cabinet
  • Added new hardware to cabinet
  • Installed new mirror
  • Installed (AND decorated) shelf

We still want to:

    • Replace counter-top (we plan to do this step when we replace kitchen counter-tops and other bathroom tops as well… We figure one fowl swoop… one big paycheck)
    • Replace toilet (it works OK,  we would like a more water efficient one but honestly its not very fun to go drop money on buying a toilet… this will have to wait)

– Replace faucet

One more time with a side by side before/after because they are my favorite!


IMG_9043 edit









I will have an update next week about our family room… I did some fun things with the bookshelves!!



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