Weekend Wrap Up

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My weekend started off awesome!! Friday girls night out!! A bunch of girls from church went to see Hunger Games. We did the same thing last year and plan to so it again next year.



Saturday mornings are lazy for us. We wake up late and make pancakes… Always.


Ronnie is good to me and instead of waking up early on Saturdays for quiet time I get to sneak upstairs mid morning with a fresh cup of coffee & my Bible, while he wrangles the littles.


Picnic lunch outside.
Then naps for the littles, me too.
I did a little work in the garage (trust me you do NOT want a picture of that chaos)

Then we cleaned ourselves up to go to a friends house for dinner.

Sunday morning we went to the early service at church.

I love the video venue room. A table for good note taking, comfy seats, & candy that I don’t have to share with my kids. Its a good set up.

We left a couple minutes early from church to rush home and meet my parents. Ronnie, his parents, & I have Charger season tickets and my parents graciously come down and spend time with the kids while we cheer on the Bolts.

Me and my love.

Oh Chargers… You give me anxiety but we love you.


Home for Family Night Dinner with the in-laws and my parents. Then an early evening for me cause I’m tired!!

I hope you had a restful weekend.



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