Weekend Wrap Up __ Nov. 28

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Anyone else struggle with what day it was all weekend? All day on Friday I kept thinking it was Saturday.

Friday was a lazy day for us and it was awesome. Pennie girl still woke up early despite getting home at 10:30 from my parents house, so I got up with her.

The other two trickled downstairs pretty quickly and when Ronnie came downstairs and turned on the football games from Thursdsay I promptly fell back asleep for a glorious morning nap. I truly mean glorious.

Then the girls and I got gussied up for a princess birthday tea party.
The other families aren’t on social media so I’ll keep the photos to myself but it was pretty stinking cute. Little girls all dressed up as princesses playing together.

We came home to the boys and one of our college besties stopped by for a visit.


He was such a good sport to play catch with Freddie boy. We enjoyed our time with him eating In N Out for dinner and the boys played video games… It was really like reliving college except with three kiddos in the mix.

Saturday morning we do pancakes. Every Saturday and its awesome, mostly because Ronnie makes breakfast and I get a morning off.
I like breakfast meat.

Then Ronnie had to rush off to practice and the girls and I made cookies to take over to the boys. I also tried to squeeze in a quiet time while the kids played snowballs (aka trash my house with cotton balls)


We packed up in the car and headed over to the end of practice to deliver cookies to the boys.


Freddie wanted to be out there so bad. He kept pointing and shouting “me!! me!!”


After practice we had a lazy Saturday and enjoyed leftover dinner at our friends house. It was relaxed and welcomed after the businesses of Thanksgiving.

Sunday we went to early service at church so we could hurry home for the Charger game.


I like seeing my boys watch football together.


We finished up the evening with hot cocoa & a Christmas movie to prep us for the advent season.

All those baby toes means I’m a lucky mommy.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend.



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