Life Lately.

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I took quite a break from this little bloggy blog lately. In all fairness I did have a baby.

Anywho. Life lately around here has been great, we have totally be enjoying the lazy days of summer.

20150713_084555We have been trying to eat a little healthier around here so we’ve been starting our days with a green smoothie, but somehow the banana bread made an appearance too.

20150713_195246This girl NEVER falls asleep anywhere but her bed. Her first day of swim lessons really wore her out because she came home, put on her jammies, and asked to snuggle. I’ll meet that request every day of the week.


It’s like she doesn’t even feel bad for blowing out her diaper. She is the baby, so she gets away with everything. We are soaking up every moment of her delicious babyness.


My parents are amazing and they took our three older ones for the whole weekend. Ronnie and I slept in till 8am on Friday morning and enjoyed breakfast in bed, it was such a wonderful treat instead of dragging ourselves out of bed at 5am.

We had a wedding on Friday night and our Hadlie girl tagged along.  I am totally a nervous mama bear about her ears, so she rocked the headphones. They didn’t bother her in the least and she was a big hit at the wedding.

PicMonkey Collage

This baby is pure sunshine.  I snapped this photo when we were running late for church, but I couldn’t help myself because of her perfect smiles. It was fun having her as an “only child” this weekend.


These two are finishing up swim lessons this week and yesterday we swam three times.  By the end we were a little over it and getting crazy!


That’s our life lately. 🙂



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