Weekend Wrap-Up

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We had the best weekend!

Friday night we kicked off the weekend like we always do with a dinner picnic at the beach.

This baby LOVES the beach. She never fusses when we are there. She kicks and squeals the whole time she is in her portable crib (best thing ever, thanks mom!)


I just can’t get enough of her sweet personality and snuggles.

Saturday morning we slept in a bit and started off the day with pancakes. While I’m flipping flapjacks these bozos are having their morning meeting.


Hadlie is the most popular person in our house by far.

I was getting ready that morning and Zoie comes in my room dressed just like me! She wanted to match her mama today and my heart swelled!! She insisted we take a picture and stand the same way.


Our good friend Branden from college stopped by for a quick visit and the kiddos quickly snagged his attention to play. According to Freddie, Uncle Branden is the best.



It was a day of remembering college. Our school, Biola University, was hosting a backyard event in La Jolla. Ronnie and I dropped off the big kids and headed over.

It was fun connecting with other alumni and meeting new students.


The class of 2032 was less than impressed.

Ronnie then quickly dropped us off at home and headed over to Theology on Tap (a men’s event at our church). The kids and I put on our jammies as quick as possible and ate dinner while watching the new movie HOME. It was so cute!

Sunday morning we love going to church. More often than not, Hadlie and I end up snuggling in the cry room, but we still enjoy it!

I picked up some new books to read at the church library. I’m excited to crack these open.

Sundays we practice Sabbath. We try not to have TV on or do social media. We go to church, spend time in Gods Word , and go to family night dinner at my in laws house. Its so good to really rest .

imageWe headed over for dinner and swimming and had such a great time that I completely forgot to take any pictures! It was a great weekend and I’m ready to tackle Monday.

Happy Monday!

Blessings from our family to yours.


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