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The older I get in life, the more I realize that I am quirky. I have things that really matter to me, weird things that I find important.

One of those things is Zone Checks. About a year ago I was having one of those meltdown mama moments. You know the ones where you feel like there will always be endless cars, dolls, shoes, and toys everywhere. Where your couch will NEVER have all its pillows on top….

I was in the middle of reading the book desperate with my mentor and one of the authors told a story of how she and her kiddos cleaned up the house together. Light bulb moment!!


We divided up the house into two zones. One for each of our big girls (Freddie has a small responsibility for putting death traps… er cars & trains away). At the end if every day we spend 20 minutes or so doing Zone Checks. I turn on loud music and we all work on our zone. My zone is tabletops and the kitchen (joy…).


Some days we all work together well and it’s all good. Other days its like beating my head with a brick to get it done without repeating myself 30x.


Sometimes we skip it all together.


A couple months ago I was contemplating giving up zone checks. I was tired of coaching them along through it and thought it would be so much easier for me just to do it myself. That weekend my big kids had sent with my parents and my mom complimented me on how well my kids did on picking up after themselves and how conscious they were of trying to keep her house tidy! That was the boost I needed to keep going! .

At the end of the day its not whether my house is tidy, its about teaching them responsibility. Teaching them that we are a family team and we need each others help. So we are back at it and going strong. Zone checks all around!


One thought on “Things that matter to Mollie – Zone Checks

    Marissa said:
    July 28, 2015 at 3:43 pm

    Love this idea! I am totally going to start doing this when my kiddos are old enough!

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