Weekend Wrap Up

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Friday was a day for projects.. The kids slept in and as soon as they were up we were off to Lowe’s for paint and supplies.

Everyone wanted to paint.


I was meeting EVERY stay at home mom cliché. Messy hair, yoga pants, yesterdays mascara, & bonus Hadlie spit up on me as we were leaving.


I spent the morning/ afternoon outside painting the table (post coming soon).

During nap time my neighbor comes over banging on our door. I answer and she proceeds to tell me a rattlesnake was in her yard and made its way into mine!! Y’all I don’t mess around with snakes. They are my worst nightmare on crack. Ronnie wasn’t home so I went to the next best thing, Google. Turns out if you have a venomous snake in your yard you can call the fire department to come get it. So I did. Cue the eye rolling!


I know…it seemed a bit dramatic to me to! The fireman were SO kind to me, turns out they do this a lot. They didn’t end up finding the snake so I offered them ice cream sandwiches for their time. The worst part?!? Freddie slept through the WHOLE thing! He didn’t get to see any of it, poor guy. It would have been the highlight of his life. (p.s. i thought about waking him up early from his nap and then remembered that would be worse than a rattlesnake in my backyard.. seriously) imageI love morning cartoon snuggle time. I’m going to miss when they don’t want me to hold them anymore so I try to soak up as much of it as I can.


I was making desserts and these three so selflessly offered to be my taste testers. It was so generous. image

Ronnie likes to go on runs around our neighborhood and the kids ALWAYS beg to go with him.  This time he took them all on a lap around our house. Out neighborhood has walking trails all around the houses and its the best thing. Freddie was so excited to go running! image

It is so adorable to watch them take off on a run with daddy! image

The trail winds behind our house so we book it out back to watch them run up the steep hill and cheer them on! image

Zoie’s turn! She actually challenges Ronnie and she is a pretty good sprinter! image

Last lap with the whole gang. I was “taking care of the baby” so obviously I couldn’t go. #obviouslyimage

Saturday I hosted my first book club meeting! It was so fun! We read “The Girl on the Train.” It was an interesting read and led to good conversation! imageSunday was Sabbath and honestly I was terrible at taking pictures. We did church, naps, VBS kick off, and family night dinner. This was snapped as we were stopping for gas on the way home (whoops!). It was a full weekend and I am so blessed by this crazy crew.

Happy Monday!

Blessings from our family to yours!


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