What I’m reading – July & August

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I love reading, I always have and hopefully always will.  Zoie has recently really picked up her reading skill and I LOVE watching her sound out the words and discover them for herself.  We are big on the Library, my sister is a librarian after all. We go to the nice new library about 20 minutes away from us once a month and made a trip out of it.  I bring a huge basket and we fill that sucker to the brim! Here is what I have read recently.


Liane Moriarty is so good. She can really draw the reader in with her storytelling and I am always sad when the book is ending. If she did a series where all the characters from her books are intertwined it would be my best day!

download (1)

If you are a mama, I can’t recommend this book enough. Kara just left this earth earlier this year after a long battle with cancer, but her legacy continues on.  This book was such an encouragement to my weary parenting soul, and its a short read! download (2)download (3)

More Liane Moriarty because duh… she’s amazing.

download (4)

I read this book because I was waiting for another Liane Moriarty book on hold at the library and it was free on Kindle.  It was a sweet story, a little too teenage drama for me, but sometimes an easy read is very much appreciated.

On deck for August is;

download (5)

I have read through this before and its awesome. A refresher is going to be greatly appreciated.
download (6)

I just finished this for book club this month.

I love Dee Henderson. Mystery, law enforcement, and always Jesus. I’m currently flying through this one, its a page turner!

What are you reading? Any recommendations?

Have a happy day! Blessings from my family to yours.


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