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We live a charmed life. Our days are full of fun and adventure, even in the simple moments. I don’t want to forget this sweet time when my kids are still little.


We got invited over for a swim play date, the best kind! I love this kiddo and her mama. Especially when she jumps in to save my boy who thinks he can swim but cant.

During the summer the Safari Park extends its hours so one night we headed over there after swim lessons. I packed the kiddos a dinner and we strolled around till the park closed. It was awesome.


This baby is the sweetest. I could just eat her up.

We are trying to soak up all the wonderful laziness of summertime. The kids asked to snuggle and watch a movie together in the morning, how do you say no to that?


Ronnie, Hadlie, & I snuck out for a day date one day. We went to the Del Mar race track and had a blast! Hadlie helped daddy pick his bets

She is a self soother, she gets a hold of those two fingers and she is content as can be. Its so sweet!



I actually came out $6 ahead! That’s two coffees from Starbucks!

These two got picked up by Auntie Kelli to go to the movies and get ice cream. It is such a privilege to live in community and have others love on my kiddos. We are so blessed.


Oh Target. I love Target so much but lately the carts have been feeling cramped. Hadlie is still too little to sit up in the cart and often she is sleeping in her carseat so I hate to disturb her by strapping her on in the ergo so the WHOLE seat goes in the cart, then there isn’t room for any groceries.  Also, popcorn is the best for keeping my kids interested in following me through the store. #weleaveatrail

imageFreddie is ALL BOY. After our incident on Tuesday, he fell out of a trampoline of Thursday only coming out with a scratch. He is the reason I will have gray hair, but I love every part of it. He got his first transformer this week and he thought he was big time.  His big sisters have swim lessons these past couple week so we get an hour to ourselves (plus sleeping Hadlie) to play and read together, its awesome!

The big girls had VBS this past week, we decided to celebrate the first day the right way with the BEST cheeseburgers ever. #innoutforever

With the big sisters gone every morning Freddie and I got some fun one on one time (Hadlie was there too, but she is always game for what we want to do, wink!)  One morning we went to the Children’s Museum another we watched trash trucks while swimming.

There is a construction site close to our house where they are building a ton of new homes.  I made the mistake of getting him a milkshake and going over there one day to sit and watch the tractors. Guess  what he wants to do every waking moment now?!?image

He tells me “I’m worried about the tractors mommy, lets go check on them.” #smartboy  image

I love catching them really enjoying each other. Its my favorite.


I got our family photos back this past week from our amazing cousin and photographer Emily. I already ordered a bunch of canvas and am counting down the minutes till it arrives!! Her pictures were amazing!!

That’s what we’ve been up to lately! Happy Monday!

Blessings from our family to yours!


One thought on “Life lately

    Leigh said:
    August 10, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    Ha! I love the swimming and watching trash trucks – what is it about little boys and trucks!?!?

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