Counting Pennies

Counting my Pennies

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Did you know that if you spent 2 minutes EVERY DAY reflecting on the blessings in your life you would feel happier?

Yeah.  Me neither. Turns out its true.

If we get into the habit of thanking God, our blessings are practically staring us in the face.

A have a couple friends who have modeled this for me. So thankful for them.

My pennies right now:

– my slippers
– my handsome hubby who changes diapers
–  pancakes
– Disney Jr.
–  quiet dark mornings
– text messaging
– new instant friendships
– hand holding
– baby smiles
– new seasons in life
– cozy quilts made with love
– challenging books
– girl time
– my swagger wagon
– peppermint creamer
– coffee (always)
– forgiveness
– God’s perfect timing