Fixin up the House

Skyridge House: Family Room

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Today I wanted to show you our family room. This is one of my favorite places in our home.  I snuggle up here every morning for my quiet time.  I light the fire, grab a blanket, light a candle, and study. Its a cozy corner and very special for me.



We split this room into two separate areas… A family room by the fireplace and a home-school room underneath the lights.

What we did:

  •     Replace flooring
  •     Replace baseboards
  •     Painted back of bookshelves
  •     Replaced windows
  •     Scraped ceilings


Here is the after:

family room edit

family room edit 2

What we still want to do:

  • Add crown molding
  • Have fireplace mantel built
  • Have doors built for bottom half of the shelves for concealed storage
  • Sew valance for windows
  • Replace our hand me down couches with matching love seat/couch set

I love this spot.  The kids play closet is right around the corner and the kids love to pull out their toys or books onto the rug and play while I read or teach home-school.  We are so blessed by this house.

One more before/after.


Hope you have a blessed day!




Skyridge House: Half Bathroom

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This house… It is the greatest blessing, but MAN its going to be a lot of work.


We have already:

– Replaced ALL flooring

– Scraped ALL ceilings

– Painted ALL walls

– New baseboards

–  New Garage Door

– New Windows

– Installed Air Conditioning

I swear before and after pictures are coming, but trying to get a good photo in the right light without a 3 yr old blur or 1 yr old streaker photo bombing my pictures is HARD!! I don’t know how you pros get it done.


In the meantime, I actually finished the downstairs half bathroom.

Here is the glorious before:


I wish we had more angles for this photo but it was BAD. The wallpaper was 3 layers thick. That lantern had about 16 inches of dust CLINGING to it… it was BAD.

Here is the after:

IMG_9043 edit

to make this progress we:

  • Stripped wallpaper
  • Removed builders grade mirror
  • Replaced lighting
  • Added new bead-board wallpaper
  • Added chair rail
  • Painted walls
  • Painted cabinet
  • Added new hardware to cabinet
  • Installed new mirror
  • Installed (AND decorated) shelf

We still want to:

    • Replace counter-top (we plan to do this step when we replace kitchen counter-tops and other bathroom tops as well… We figure one fowl swoop… one big paycheck)
    • Replace toilet (it works OK,  we would like a more water efficient one but honestly its not very fun to go drop money on buying a toilet… this will have to wait)

– Replace faucet

One more time with a side by side before/after because they are my favorite!


IMG_9043 edit









I will have an update next week about our family room… I did some fun things with the bookshelves!!


Our New Home

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So we bought another house.


Turns out a family of 5 doesn’t fit GREAT in 840 sq. feet. I mean we were doing ok and definetly could have survived there (people live in a lot worse conditions #firstworldproblems)

But this opportunity arose and we jumped on it.

Its a 1973 home that was still stuck in 1973.  I’m talking everything original. EVERYTHING. Carpet. check. Light Fixtures. check. Bathroom Planter. Check.


This is as you walk in the front door.  I love some good before photos, don’t you?!? Can’t wait to make progress and show ya’ll. This will be a our living space and dining room.


This is my first time EVER living in a two story house. Its amazing. To be able to send the kiddos upstairs and have some more breathing room. AMAZING.


This will be our home-school space.  That’s right, a WHOLE room for school. 🙂  With windows and sliding glass doors that overlook the backyard so the littles can play. Dreamy.


More of the school room right off the kitchen.  There is also a under the stair closet that I want to turn into a play closet (aka. toy storage)


The kitchen needs a lot of help.  I have big plans. BIG plans.


Downstairs bathroom.  There was wallpaper EVERYWHERE. also… we have 3 BATHROOMS!! 3!!!


This is the master. Its HUGE. Which is nice since Ronnie’s office goes in here as well. It a real grown up room.


The master bathroom is connected by this partition area.


Do you see that lighting? amazing right? NOT.


The bathroom has a step up and double doors to make a grand entrance. Also completely bare windows so you can give the neighbors a show.  Then there is the planter, which is a real puzzle in itself.  We are going to completely GUT the bathroom and start over.  As soon as we are finished unpacking. I’m starting to LOATHE cardboard boxes, there are unending.          140023397_16_0 140023397_17_0

My Freddie boy has his own room now! Its so fun and he sleeps AWESOME since he doesn’t have his sisters climbing into his crib anymore. Imagine that!!


The girls room is HUGE and perfect for them. It has the most adorable picturesque window overlooking our street and they have LOVED having a “GIRLS ONLY” room.


The kids bath needs some love too, but it works so that’s an improvement over the master.  It is in line on the to-do list.



The backyard is a gem.  The covered patio is perfect for playing outdoors and eating meals with a cool summer breeze.  We have already torn out those planters on the patio and hung swings for the kids.  We anticipate spending a LOT of time out there this year.


I can’t wait to post progress! Its coming soon. 🙂