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Babies. There is nothing more delicious and sweet than holding and cuddling a newborn sweet baby, to interact with a toddler and watch them discover the world, to talk with a preschooler and hear how their little brain processes the world around them.   Did you know that right now in San Diego County there are more than 1400 babies (ages 5 and under) that are in foster care? A typical county foster home can house anywhere from 1-8 children at a time depending on space and it is never guaranteed how long each child stays in the same home. What this really means is kids get bounced around never truly finding a “home.”


Ronnie and I have always talked about adoption, but very idealistically.  The conversation was “it would be so awesome to adopt,” or “if we ever have an extra 30k we can adopt (hehe).”  Foster care was something I didn’t really want to consider, it seemed too painful to think about having to give a baby back.   About a year ago I was getting ready for bed one night and the Lord placed foster care on my heart.  It was one of those moments where I needed to sleep…. as a momma of three at the time and pregnant I NEEDED to sleep but my brain and my heart were wide awake.  I sat up on my phone for 2 more hours researching everything I could about foster care and specifically agencies here in San Diego.


I found Angels. This agency is amazing.  They specialize in kids ages birth – 6 and they give their whole hearts to these kiddos.  They have very specific rules to allow each child to flourish with their placement families, for instance each home is only open to one child at a time (with exception for sibling sets) and their home is the ONLY home they will have until they are permanently adopted or reunited with their parents. This allows children to really create a bond with a loving parent figure and develop well.

Six months ago Ronnie and I attended their informational meeting. I was ready to sign up then and there and take a baby home #givemeallthebabies  Turns out they don’t encourage you to take on a newborn when you are already 8 months pregnant. #weirdos Just Kidding. I totally get why, but man we wanted to get started right that second!


We are close to starting our journey in foster care. We need to fix a couple things around the house (for home inspection) and we would like Hadlie to be at least 6 months old (and sleeping through the night). We were pretty content with our plan…but it is still present on my heart. I think even more so as I look at my perfect little girl and think about how it would break my heart to be separated from her. That’s the thing about foster care, you get the chance to love on a baby and snuggle the heck out of him/her but you also have to become the parent’s biggest cheerleader. Rooting for reconciliation, praying for that family, becoming the child’s advocate and wanting what is best for HIM/HER. It’s going to be hard. like SUPER DUPER DUPER hard, but it’s a pain worth enduring.

Right now, while I can’t actually house a child I can talk about foster care with other people.  Remind them that there is such a need!! Just last week Angels foster care had to turn away EIGHT babies…EIGHT!! They need qualified families to love on these little ones.

By far the most important thing I can do right now is PRAY. Pray for these little ones, pray for their parents, pray for the families that are going to welcome them into their homes, pray for the employees in the agency that are lovingly placing these children.  God loves them far more than we can.

Will you join me in praying? ZF-7991-93505-1-001

If you are interested more in foster care please contact Angels or comment/email me. I would love to chat!

Blessings from my family to yours.