Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday!!

FridayFavorites I’m linking up today with Andrea, Narci, & Erika for Friday Favorites

We have been watching a bunch of movies this summer. There is something about swimming all day, changing in cozy jammies and snuggling up for a movie. Here are our top 5 movie picks from this summer.



This movie is so cute! Zoie & I went on a date to the $1 movie this summer and saw this on the big screen. We couldn’t get the songs out if our head so we got it for our home. All of the kids love it (even Freddie!). The girls crack me up too, they LOVE to sing “its a hard knock life” while I’m making them clean up their room. I loved the original movie as a kid so its fun to share the story with my girls now.

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We are always a little late to the movie screen. This movie is adorable! Ronnie & I watched Big Bang Theory and I can picture Jim Parsons as he voices this character, its hilarious!

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I had forgotten how much I liked this movie until the kids found it at my parents house. I remember thinking that the mom’s super stretch super power was really cook, but now as a mom of 4 I’m wishing I had Dash’s super power. Costco would be a breeze!!



Freddie is into everything Cars. Lightening McQueen and Mater are his two favorite toys and they go everywhere with us so its only appropriate this movie is on rotation in our house. To be completely honest the original Cars is on a lot too but the girls and I petition for this one because we can quote the other one from memory.

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We have loved this movie forever. The quirky characters and fun music draws my kids in every time…and you know how we feel about adoption so its a win!

What are your favorite kids movies? Please share with me! I’m always looking to change up our regulars!

Blessings from our family to yours.


Friday Favorites – Practical Things

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Linking up again with Andrea, Erika, & Narci.


Sometimes I get caught up in busyness and forget about these practical things that make my life SO much easier.

#1.  A working dryer. So apparently the dryer hasn’t been working right since we got it installed. I had to run everything on heavy duty, but I didn’t call for a service till it completely stopped working. Duh moment. Turns out the exhaust flap was stuccoed shut. Now its amazing… Like my clothes are hot and actually dry. #mindblown


#2. My Swagger Wagon. I swore up and down I wasn’t going to be a mini van mom, but I am and I LOVE it. My family is safe, happy, & there is room for more!!


#3. My Keurig. Its my instant coffee and my happiness. Ronnie is not a coffee drinker so this wonderful contraption saves me from making a whole pot.

Here’s hoping all your practical things are making your life easier too!


Friday Favorites – Peppermint Edition

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Happy Friday Friends!

I’ve started linking up with a group of bloggers that I’m sure I would be best friends with in real life. They are so adorable!! Friday Favorites features some things in my life right now that are just the best.


Its finally acceptable for peppermint to be in season!!  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy pumpkin… but the minute peppermint hits the shelves – pumpkin is out for me.


#1.  Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer


This is seriously the reason I wake up in the morning… If only I had tiny little elves who made my coffee look fancy and festive like that… I might even get up earlier.


#2.  Candy Cane Chapstick

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This is a seasonal item.. I may have bought 6, ok 9, FINE an even dozen.  I want it to last me all year.  It tastes like a Candy Cane and gives you minty fresh breath. It makes me smile every time I pull it out of my purse.  I JUST got it on Monday at Target in the checkout lane so grab it while you can!!

#3.  Peppermint Candles

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I’m a morning person by nature, but I’m not an EARLY morning person.  It just means that I wake up with a general good attitude and can get up and go.  With little ones in the house, if I want to have quiet time (a.k.a. devotionals) I have to do it when my house is ACTUALLY quiet.  I was struggling with this awhile ago and a dear friend of mine suggested a special candle to light in the morning to make it cozy.  She was totally right!!  I stumble downstairs, get my coffee running and light my candle to get settled into time in the WORD. I have also gotten into the habit of getting a seasonal candle to help enhance the right mood. 🙂


I get to go out with some girlfriends tonight to see the new Hunger Games movie and I have to tell you i’m excited!! I think it was last year for the last Hunger Games movie that I went to the movies..

I hope you have a great weekend!!