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I have always been intrigued by other people’s habits. I think someones habit says a lot about them, its a peek into their priorities and their life. I have a few habits that float around in my day to day life but I am always looking for better and more efficient ways to be successful in my day to day life as a mom of 4 littles.  I always enjoy other bloggers posts about “a day in their lives

I like a formula, if you do this…then this will happen.  Here are a few habits I have already set in my life.

1. Quiet time. Every morning I get up early (4:30-5:30ish) to spend quiet time in the Bible.  It is a sacrifice to get up that early, but it is TOTALLY worth it.  Spending time with Jesus first thing in the morning sets up my entire day for success, also I get coffee that much earlier.

2. Leave 15 min early.  I was raised in a family that believed if you were on time, you’re late. Its ingrained in me to leave AT LEAST 15 minutes early for everything! Being a momma of 4 little ones, a lot of time this gives me some wiggle room so we actually arrive somewhere on time…but every once in awhile I need to kill 5-10 minutes from being TOO early (that’s rude too!)

3. Fun activity for the kids. I try to do something fun with the kids every day. Everything from just playing outside with chalk, going to the library, swimming, a play date, or spending the morning at the beach. Living in San Diego there is ALWAYS something fun to do and most of the time is doesn’t cost anything.

4. Laundry. I do 1 load every day…the habit I would like to instill is actually putting it away!! I actually enjoy laundry. It smells so good and its warm coming out of the dryer…its the folding and putting away (especially my own clothes!) that makes me a little crazy.

5. Time Block. Each morning I write out goals for the day in my journal and time block them out to make sure they are accomplished. I feel like because I am a stay at home mom my days are always super busy but sometimes I don’t feel like I have accomplished anything. My house is still dirty (I swear I cleaned it), the kids are hungry (I swear I fed them at least 9 times today), and there is always more to do.  Time blocking my days helps me stay focused on the task at hand, allows me to accomplish those extra tasks that often get pushed out because I haven’t created time for it (i.e. organize hall closet, empty out junk drawer, etc.). There is always wiggle room (I write in pencil for a reason!) and of course real life spontaneous stuff happens, but it helps me stay focused.

There is always room for improvement, especially in my life. These are the habits I have been thinking about lately that I want to start practicing.

1. Workout. Since having the baby I have struggled with a consistent workout routine. I would like to create the habit of working out 5-6 times a week.

2. Reading. I want to spend time reading with each of my kids daily. Freddie and I read before his nap and bedtime, but I struggle having consistent time with the girls. Zoie can read books herself, but I want to sit with her and help with the big words and Pennie wants to start learning how to read.  I think if I devote the first hour of Freddie’s nap everyday to reading with the girls we will see some big improvement. Its also a great excuse to cozy up on the couch with my favorite big girls for some snuggle time.

3. Uninterrupted Play Time. I really struggle playing WITH my kids.  I feel like I am good creating an environment for them to play and have fun (i.e. take them to the beach), but where I fall short is actually playing with them (i.e. building a sand castle and jumping waves instead of recovering from the ordeal of getting them to the beach!). I’m just going to lay all my faults out there, when I actually do sit down to play with them I always think go get a picture so I grab my phone, then I see I have new emails so I respond, then I post the picture so it adds to my Chatbooks, then I look at the comments…. if you give a mouse a cookie. Before I know it the kids have moved onto the next activity and I missed it. I want to ENGAGE with them now when they are little, I want to play cars and dolls and mommy before its too late and they aren’t interested in that or playing with mommy anymore. I still want to capture the moment and then PUT MY PHONE DOWN!!

I think that’s enough for now. I have read before it takes 30 days to create a habit and more often than not you can only add one habit at a time to your daily schedule successfully. I’m going to attempt all three, call me an overachiever. #hardly  Maybe I’ll attempt a day in the life post in August and see how its actually going.

If you are actually reading this (thank you!) and have a few habits of your own that you would share with me, please do! I’m always looking for mama hacks and good ideas to keep our family rolling along!

Blessings from my family to yours!

Have a great day!


40 what?!?

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Hangers.  40 hangers. 

Allow me to backtrack. I have been reading this blog that has been BLOWING MY MIND. Seriously. ..

I want to be like Ruth when I grow up.

She wrote this post and it was like a dagger to the gut.

Remember our resolutions this year? BE SIMPLE was practically screaming at me.

Laundry is my nemisis. I would rather clean 10 bathrooms then put away laundry. And part of the problem was the excess. I was at the point where I had to do the delicate dance of pull the hangers apart and stuff the next one in as fast as possible before I got sucked into the vortex.

So last Thursday, I did it.

I purged.


I wish I had the before picture but then again maybe not. It was shameful.


Put it like this. These are all the hangers I am getting rid of. Actually these are all the NICE hangers I am getting rid of… i threw the other horrible ones away but they could have filled another bag by themselves.





You guys. The hangers don’t have to touch! There is calm, order & peace in my closet. I actually slept with the door open that night so I could admire it.


Closet floor? Needs to be vacuumed. Mercy.

Ok. So I didn’t end up with exactly 40. Technically I have 66 (why?!?) hangers in my closet but it’s still a whole BOAT load less than I started with.

I also went through all of my drawers. Emptied 3 & gave them to hubs.

And it feels good. Like really really good.

I think I have 1/3 of my original wardrobe left.

I listed a bunch of stuff to sell on Vinted (username yellowmedaisy if you are interested). I’m giving myself 2 weeks to sell it then I’m donating whatever is left.

I also put 2 (ok 3) bags of clothes to store in the garage. I have a date set on my calendar in 6 months to go through it. Whatever I am not willing to swap or wear gets sold/donated.

I have a new rule. Anything bought has to replace something in the closet. I even put washi tape on each hanger so I can’t sneak new ones in.

Now I need to come up with new outfit combos. Good thing I have a fashion blogger bestie to call on.

I feel clean. Simple. It was the goal.

Anybody need some hangers?


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Resolutions.  It’s that time of year again. Time to make changes and be different. 

As a family (code Ronnie & I) we make resolutions each year. Here were ours from 2013

– Declutter.  Eeh. Just did ok. Not great. But my mindset had changed a bit. 

– Less quantity,  more quality food. The last few months we finally caught on. I did freezer meals, Mason jar salads, and green smoothie bags. It has made a huge difference in preparing healthy food and our budget too! (Later post I promise)

– Mint updated. Again Eeh

– HOMEFRONT. Our church Sunday School take home for the kidlets. Proud we did well. Breakfast time.

– Friday family night. Intentional time for our little fam bam.

– Weekly meal plan. Done.

– Bible study for the entire year. Check. Beyond blessed by my girls. You know who you are.

This year our resolutions developed into a theme about things we want to be. Things we would like to be the make up of our character.

The main focus for the year is

                 BE ENCOURAGING
1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

We want to try to be a blessing to those around us and try to set an example and develop that characteristic in our kiddos. Zoie was our inspiration,  she constantly wants to make someone a card, bake cookies for our neighbors,  or tell someone they are beautiful. It’s effortless for her and therefore she is beautiful.  This year I want to be more like my 4 year old.

The others are

Psalm 19:7 NIV

The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.

I’m so done with stuff. We want to simplify our home, our food (eat clean), our busyness.

Hebrews 6:12 NIV

We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.

This is twofold. Of course this means consistently working out and more active times with the kids. But the most important for me is being active for the Gospel.  It’s easy to think and theorize…. I want to put feet to faith.

Philippians 4:9 NIV

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

If we aren’t learning, WHY?!? This is to challenge us to DAILY study, accountability,  discipleship,  and Bible study. 

Can’t wait for the New year. Have fun tonight!

The Plan Stan

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I like lists.

The ones with little boxes that I can neatly check off.

Or maybe scribble a line right through it.  Whatever, its a rush.

For the past two years Ronnie and I have attended MasterMind Summit.  Its a personal growth seminar here in San Diego specifically for those in Real Estate (hubs is a lender).  Brian Buffini is ALL about goals.  He believes that if you aren’t setting goals, how are  you ever going to achieve success?

The man has a point.

So I sat myself down and made some goals for this year.  Here they are. To be accomplished by Aug 2014 so I still have some time.



  •  10 minute mile
  • CLEAN eating
  • consistent juicing
  • Workout 4x a week


  • Invest in Savings & Investments equally
  • Minimize WANTS


  • Have 5 good juicing recipes
  • Research and Plan Homeschool Curriculum for Kindergarten
  • Read & Apply 3 Christian Concepts
  • Time Block to be more productive
  • Maintain a clean home
  • Implement a deep cleaning schedule


  • Develop 4 happiness habits
  • Intentionally mentor 1 person
  • 20 min uninterrupted play time EVERY DAY
  • 6 “dates” with each member of my immediate family

I better get crackin.

Im excited to conquer these goals buy I gotta break them down so I can attempt to be successful.

My goals for JUST December are:

– actually run my mile. (Hard to improve the time with no starting point)
– stay UNDER budget
– organize laundry area
– 1 garage day
– 4 chores EVERY DAY
– write blessings every day
– 20 min of uninterrupted play time EVERY DAY

Any goals you care to share?

Merry Christmas!

Homeschool via Pinterest (December 2013)

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Time sucker.

Also…. GREAT curriculum helper. :)Here are some of the things I hope to accomplish this month in Preschool with Zoie girl. (Pennie too when she wants to sit still)

Can’t wait!

oh. Merry Christmas!!