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Show and Tell Tuesday – Back to School Traditions

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I’m linking up today with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. Today’s topic is Back to School Traditions.

This is Zoie’s first year of Kindergarten!! It makes me SUPER excited for her and also a little weepy. We are extremely blessed by the school she will be attending. She will only be on campus two days a week and the other three she will be homeschooling with me. Its the best of both worlds.

I have a couple traditions that I want to start this year, but I’m mostly excited to check out the link-up today and pick out some good ideas for myself!


I came along this PIN and it had some interesting ideas!

1. A Back to School Dinner Party! How adorable! My two best friends and I are all sending kindergartners (our firsts!) off to school this year, we should totally do a kindergarten dinner with the families to celebrate these sweet little ones getting so big so fast!

2. Back to School Interview! This page is so cute and one that I know I will want to keep in their binders each year. Last year a very smart mama showed me how to put together binders for my kids with their completed work and include photos, art work, etc to document their entire year. Her other idea was at the end of each year to take it and get it bound so you have a small keepsake for each kiddo. Brilliant!


3. First Day of School Photos! This is so adorable, and its precious to see how they grow each year.


This past year I had them hold an empty chalkboard (they were confused) to take the picture then I used photo editing to add text, made it easy on me! This mama has cute downloads for free!


4. Special Back to School Lunch! Zoie is SO excited to have me pack her lunch and eat at school. She is my thoughtful one and I know it would be VERY special to her if I took the extra time to add these adorable notes to her lunch the first day.


5. First Day of School Balloons! This would just KNOCK my kids socks off! The only problem is Zoie is my late sleeper and Pennie would be the one to open the door first….maybe I’ll just fill her bunk bed up with balloons. 🙂

9877f5aaf2e13126ddf6888f210fb6a3I am having such mixed emotions about my Zoie girl going to school. I keep thinking about what those two days are going to look like. I keep thinking that I will be able to get so much done because I’ll only have 3 kids… Then it dawns on me… I’ll still have THREE kids and she is my MOST helpful one!! What am I going to do without her?!?

She is going to LOVE school and I want to make it as special as possible for her!

Happy Tuesday!

Blessings from our family to yours!