Insta Friday No. 2

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Another week in photos.¬† ūüôā


Morning sink baths. You other mommas know EXACTLY what happened here. If you arent a momma yet, just wait.

That smile slays me.


It was raining last week and I couldn’t find my rain jacket ANYWHERE. So I grabbed the warmest jacket I have, my letterman, and cozied up with some memories.¬†

I lettered in Cheer. So what?

P.s. found the jacket. In Ronnie’s trunk, cant imagine why I didnt look there first.¬†



These 2 pics go together. After 4 wonderful years of working as the Children’s Director at my church I stepped down.

I may or may not have cried a little.


So I used Daisy Duck to prop up Freddie’s bottle so I could craft. Some mommas said it was genius, I still feel a little guilty.¬† I LOVE snuggling my littles every chance I get.

P.s. that is NOT a bow on my sons head, its his sisters skirt on the floor behind him.


We took the girls to their first ever movie. They were ELATED! it was adorable to see how captivated they were. Zoie only asked to go home twice during the scary parts. Totally worth the $28 (ahem!)


My heart is full. Couldn’t be more thankful for my three hooligans if I tried. Hope yall had a Happy Thanksgiving. 


Stupid [part II]

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… continued from Stupid [Part I]

It took me a long time to see my sin. I never thought I was perfect, just not THAT bad. Turns out, God doesn’t care. He calls a spade a spade and I am a sinner.

I thought that because my outward actions were pretty good I was pretty good. Then I read a book by Anne Graham Lotz. {I pretty much want to be her when I grow up.}

She made a long painful list of our “inward” sins. The ones that even if your life is peachy on the outside your heart could be black as coal.

  • Ingratitude
  • Neglect of Bible reading
  • Unbelief
  • Prayerlessness
  • Unconcern for the Lost
  • Ignorance of the Lord
  • Hypocrisy
  • Pride
  • Neglect of Family
  • Neglect of God’s family
  • Envy
  • Critical Spirit
  • Slander
  • Lying
  • Cheating
  • Robbing God
  • Unforgiveness
  • Self-Indulgence
  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Gossip
  • Worry
  • Doubt
  • Inmorality


To be honest, every SINGLE one of those describes my heart at one moment or another.

Forgiveness… Mercy… Grace…

Grateful I don’t have to EARN God’s forgiveness. Its simply given because of Jesus. I just have to submit my self and my will.

Simply at His feet…


Stupid [part I]

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Disease sucks.

In the last year there has been too much loss in my little world.

I lost my aunt to stupid cancer.

One of my best friends lost his mom.

Another bestie lost her boyfriend to stupid cancer.

Another bestie just lost her dad.

I could go on about friends that have lost friends. It just sucks.

I dont normally say “sucks” & “stupid”. I dont think they are pretty words. Not words I want my kids saying. But one thing I have learned is cancer/disease is JUST STUPID.

Disease is the result of sin. Please hear me. My friends didnt do anything directly to deserve cancer. Cancer and other diseases are in the world as a result of all sin. Stupid ugly disgusting sin. And I contribute to it.

To be continued. ..


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I love me some Instagram.

It makes those mundane moments so much more bearable.

A week in photos.


Stuff. Its everywhere. At one point this past weekend the kids room (they ALL share) was spilling out into the hallway and I decided it was enough! I want to live minimally, totally inspired by THIS BLOG. So I brought out EVERY SINGLE TOY and went through it.  Dumped 1/4, Donated 1/4, and Organized 1/2.  I feel like we can breathe again.. until Christmas.


This boy and his cheeks.  He only wants his momma. Fine by me.


My Pennie girl. This was one of those moments where I saw her on her special day. Minus the footie Angel jammies of course. Stay little.


This boy. Everything they (whoever they are) say about boys is true with this one. He is going to give me gray hair. He is barely 7 months and fully crawling, pulling up, & cruising furniture. I keep telling him to stop. Ronnie finally got me to stop (gently) pushing him down when he stood up (NOT READY. he was born a HOT minute ago).


Oh Pennie.  Came home early in the morning (i.e. 6am) to find her stuffing her face with chocolate chip cookies that I left out the night before. (my bad!) So she sat with me for awhile and played with the tablet so I could get some morning reading in. silly goose.



Children in other parts of the world are starving. My kids whine, complain, and make themselves because I MADE them take a BITE of white chicken chili. GROSS.  I once heard of a family doing beans and rice night semi regularly.  They used it as an opportunity to teach their kids that other children ONLY get to eat this, and probably ONLY once a day. We also used the time to pray for the kids in other countries.  We did it with our home group and their kids. I actually LOVED it. Fun to pray together and it was delicious. Going to make it a regular thing.

Linked with Jeanette today. She is my favorite.

What I Wore Wednesday

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Honestly im embarassed to do this.

I loathe “selfies”

But im also concerned about turning into “that mom.” You know the one with the sloppy bun on her head, wearing lounge pants, driving a mini van, with a cup of coffee in her hand. Im already 50% there with my minor coffee addiction and my swagger wagon.

I know those days are going to happen but I would like to challenge myself to TRY. To feel good and productive and maybe even *gasp* put together? !?

So here it is. My 1st (in a long time) WIWW.


I literally held my phone open on my pinterest style page and scrolled down till I found something I had and was warm.

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Counting my Pennies

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Did you know that if you spent 2 minutes EVERY DAY reflecting on the blessings in your life you would feel happier?

Yeah.  Me neither. Turns out its true.

If we get into the habit of thanking God, our blessings are practically staring us in the face.

A have a couple friends who have modeled this for me. So thankful for them.

My pennies right now:

– my slippers
– my handsome hubby who changes diapers
–¬† pancakes
– Disney Jr.
–¬† quiet dark mornings
– text messaging
– new instant friendships
– hand holding
– baby smiles
– new seasons in life
– cozy quilts made with love
– challenging books
– girl time
– my swagger wagon
– peppermint creamer
– coffee (always)
– forgiveness
– God’s perfect timing


A New Chapter

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Its time to start a new chapter.  You know when you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach. When you know something big in your life is going to change. When you keep putting it off in the back of your mind until your husband says the exact thing you have been dreading and then you HAVE to talk about it.

¬†For the last 4 years I have served on staff at our church as the Children’s Director. ¬†I LOVE my job. ¬†Sure there are frustrating parts, like finding enough volunteers without begging or capitalizing on friendships, or taking 12 kids to the bathroom (not all at once of course, but painfully one at a time). But in my personal opinion there is no better moment than sharing Jesus with a child. ¬†They understand it as FACT that God loves them. That they are supposed to obey.

 But since I have started the job I have had 3 kids. 3 kids in 3 1/2  years. 3 wonderfully stinky, time consuming, fantastic kids AND we are 100% sure we are going to homeschool, its time to focus on the homefront.


I am excited for:

  РFamily Time

 Рnon stressful Saturday nights



 Рserving in the classroom

 Рwomen s ministry

 Рmental space

¬† BUT I am nervous about the next step. Homeschooling scares the socks off of me, if the kids are dumb that’s on me. Im nervous about being a full time stay at home mom. Will I ever get fully dressed (i.e. yoga pants) again?

The only thing of which I am sure is this is the right step.

Hope I don’t totally screw it up.